Meeting 32 – We Discuss Three Stories by Buck Hopper

Howdy folks!

We’re back and discussing 3 fantastic stories from Buck Hopper.  Just to explain the date, we actually recorded the discussion before we posted the stories (radio MAGIC oooooh).  These are terific stories, we really tear into them, and get into sports and species, something we havne’t touched on much yet.  Also, Toonces makes a shocking revelation!


Reading 32 – Buck Hopper’s 3-Peat!

Howdy folks!

The book club is back from summer activies and jumping into action with THREE fantastic stories by Buck Hopper.  They are “Blocked,” “Love’s Wrath,” and “Open Lane.”  It’s several firsts for us, first tiem with 3 stories, first time with 3 readers, and first time we delve into the genre (is it an actual genre, tune in next week to find out!) of flash fiction.  Tune in, turn on, enjoy!


Meeting 31 – We discuss Pyrostinger’s “Mouse Porn”

Yo yo, what it is!

Hey folks, we have a rolicking good discussion this week over a story we loved (thanks Pyrostinger!) and then a rolicking discussion over a story I didn’t like…  One of the things I really enjoyed while editing this one is the way that T-cat and I really play off each other.  We seem to instinctively work from opposing viewpoints for teh sake of the discussion, but I think they are flexible viewpoints.  Ie, you can’t see the topic and automatically assume which viewpoint either of us will take.

Course, I could be wrong!

Reading 31 – “Mouse Porn” by Pyrostinger as read by Skip

Howdy folks,

We have a new episode up, one we sorta owed the author in our humble opinions.  We had told Pryostinger that we were going to read “Mouse Porn” but ended up with another one, we still wanted to read this one, and Toonces and I are in charge, so bam!  Mouse. Porn.  It’s M/F, yet another straigt story, and good fun.. Enjoy!


Meeting 29 – We discuss Whyte Yoté’s “Where Angels Fear”

Hey folks!

I know it was a long break, but I think you’ll find it was worth it.  This has to be one of my favorite shows so far.  Whyte Yote gave us a fantastic starting point for discussing all sorts of issues – politics, race, class, and how stories have evolved in the way they talk about these things.  Also, the failover fursona!  Enjoy, and please comment!